lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2011

Apoyo de Ian Fleming y Neil Metcalfe ("un hombre con Medalla")

"I write out of great concern for the future of the populations of Atlantic salmon in the rivers of Asturias (especially the Narcea, Sella and Cares Rivers). Recent research of a high quality conducted by fisheries scientists at the University of Oviedo has revealed that there are very strong and significant declines in the populations of salmon in all of these rivers. These declines are partly as a result of changing environmental conditions but also due to over-exploitation by fishermen. These are extremely important populations, as they are among the southernmost in the entire range of this species and are genetically distinct from those further north. If these populations become distinct they can never be replaced.
 My understanding is that there is a proposal to actually increase the exploitation of these last remaining Spanish populations of salmon, by increasing the number of fishing licences (which are already too high) and by increasing the number of adult fish removed for captive breeding/restocking (which is an approach that is known to create many problems – it is not good practice for salmon management unless there is no natural habitat left – which is not the case here). I would ask that you reconsider this plan, since it has a high likelihood of driving the Spanish salmon populations to extinction. Instead you need to take advice from independent fisheries biologists as to the best management option – and you must do this as soon as possible."

(El Dr. Metcalfe deja claro que las repoblaciones no son la solución a los problemas de salmón y que en cambio pueden dar lugar a problemas adicionales. Asimismo considera que la sobrepesca puede hacer mucho daño a las poblaciones de Salmón Atlántico, máxime cuando se han aumentado los cupos de captura. El Dr. Metcalfe asimismo afirma que la gestión de las poblaciones de salmón debería llevarse a cabo por científicos. Recordemos que esto lo dice un catedrático de Biología Evolutiva, especialista en salmónidos a nivel mundial y que ha sido galardonado con la medalla de oro de la "Fisheries Society of the British Isles", una de las asociaciones ictiológicas más importantes del mundo).

- Prof. N.B. Metcalfe FRSE (Doctor en Biología y Catedrático de Ecología Evolutiva.), Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine. Graham Kerr Building. College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences. University of Glasgow, Glasgow. Fisheries Society of the British Isles Medall. Ha realizado gran parte de sus investigaciones con salmones.

“ I fully support your campaign to “Protect the Spanish Salmon.” The policies you described to “manage” salmon appear to threaten the very existence of the last remnant wild salmon populations in Spain. Domesticated fish are no replacement, and more concerning, is that the indiscriminant release of domesticated fish will almost certainly further threaten the persistence of wild salmon. I suspect that wild salmon are both a natural and cultural treasure for Spain – and also, for the world – it would be worrying to see the loss of some of the last southern populations of wild Atlantic salmon.
I encourage Spain to take steps to ensure the protection of the last Spanish salmon populations – both for Spain and for the world".

- Dr. Ian Fleming (Doctor en Biología y Catedrático.), Professor Ocean Sciences Centre. Memorial University of Newfoundland. St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Uno de los mayores especialistas a nivel mundial en biología de salmónidos.

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